Hi, travel fellows!

Hi, travel fellows!

Who am I and what I stand for?

Hi, I am Rolands. I am the nature travel enthusiast, entrepreneur, adventurer, nature guide, nature conservation expert and improv actor. I’m working to combine all these seemingly different elements into one well-functioning and amazing mechanism.

After doing many off-the-beaten and beaten path trips for many years, I have come to the key conclusion. Today, people are more often looking for original and most importantly authentic experiences. I am sure that this closely relates to the overall evolution of humanity. We are continuously searching for our individuality and authenticity in everything around us and in everything we do, including travel.

People not only want to “go places, do things and meet people”. In our globalized world, people want to go to authentic places, do eye-opening things and meet like-minded people.

Why authentic escape travel?

While traveling individually or in small groups, seemingly total strangers often become best friends. Hence people break the cultural, language and all other imaginable and non-imaginable artificial barriers built by society.

I believe that a personal and small like-minded group adventure is the best travel experience. I am convinced that each travel experience should be authentic. It should be a real escape travel, including the best of the local nature, culture, and traditions.

Open-minded travelers can help each other. We can provide tips about where to go, what to do and what to see. Travel becomes less about tourism and more about authentic personal experiences.

Traveling should help us to understand each other better. It should break prejudices and barriers in communication between people.  Hence, traveling is the best way of finding new friends with different cultural backgrounds.

Sustainable travel matters

I have been a nature conservation expert and consultant for around 15 years. As a biologist and convinced conservationist, I strongly share the vision of sustainable tourism and responsible, nature-friendly traveling.

Why improv?

Apart from travel, I have also found another passion that almost literary do magic. This is improvisation. Travel and improv have very much in common. Both crash barriers among people. They let us enjoy the experiences, to be here and now, diminish our ego and feel free. This is why I apply different fun improv elements while working as a local guide.

What's "i-Dā" Adventures?

I am the founder of travel consultancy company “i-Dā Adventures” with a vision of the new revolutionary type of travel company. “i-Dā” comes from Latvian “aidā”, which means enthusiastic “let’s go”. English “i” emphasizes personal approach. It also shows far-reaching global goals of the company by using the benefits of modern digital technologies.

How can I help You?

My aim is to help you to get to the most authentic places and do the most authentic things. I want you to get the most authentic experiences wherever you go.

Find your own off the beaten path with me!

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